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Silverlight Contrib

Silverlight Contrib is a collection of Silverlight Controls and API enhancements, and productivity tools built for and by the Silverlight developer community.

Getting Started with Silverlight Contrib

Suggestions / Feedback

  • This project is driven by community feedback so please tell us what you think! You can submit questions and comments on the Discussions page.
  • Please submit all issues and feature requests through the Issue Tracker.

Want to Help?

  • Do you have a control or useful API that you would like to see in Silverlight Contrib? We would love to hear about it.

Current Release - 2010.1.0

The current release is compatible with Silverlight 4 and consists of the following features:


Controls Library
  • Zip Compression
  • Animation Extension Methods
  • Dynamic Imaging
    • Editable Image
    • BmpDecoder
    • PngDecoder
  • Utilities
    • Byte Utilities
    • String Utilities
  • Simple Text Parser
  • Animation Tweening
  • Wheel Mouse Listener
  • Clipboard Helper - (Internet Explorer Only)
  • Data Helpers
    • Data Context Extension Method Wrapper
    • Char Type Converter
    • Html Decoder Converter
    • String Format Converter

ReSharper File Templates
ReSharper Live Templates
Visual Studio Code Snippets

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